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Dan's Tips August 2017

Spring is almost in sight! Time to start planting vegetables like carrots and beetroot, fertilise citrus trees and do some light pruning. It's also a good time to plant early spring flowers - hellebores, azaleas and camellias will grow great!

Fertilise fruit trees, especially citrus that are beginning to flower now. For an organic treatment, liquid feed them with Acquaticus Garden Booster, or apply a layer of sheep pellets. A good tip - apply BLACKGOLD Mulch around your plants - this inhibits any rapid weed growth during early spring

Sow carrots, spinach, spring onions and beetroot directly; sow tomatoes, capsicum and lettuce in trays indoors or under cover, if you don't have a greenhouse.

Get herb gardens ready for spring - prune and shape thyme and rosemary, lift and trim roots of mint and plant coriander and parsley

Lightly prune fruiting plants - blueberries, feijoas and autumn-fruiting raspberries

Fork fresh Garden Mix or Compost through the top 10cm of your vegetable bed - this is the area where the roots of young vegetable seedlings will need some nutrition

How to plant Potatoes

Use a balanced potato food or apply plenty of good quality (Living Earth) organic compost to your soil. Dig furrows of around 15- 20cm deep and plant the potatoes - tubers upward, about 70cm apart. Fill in with soil just covering the shoots, by gently raking the soil back over them. Do not press down. The idea is to continue 'hilling up' the potatoes as they grow, covering the foliage by about 10cm at a time. Early potatoes are generally ready in three to four months' time

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