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Garden Tips February 2015

Time for Living Earth 101

A quick refresher on our signature Living Earth products and why you should use them in your garden -

Compost - (organic certified of course). When you dig it though your soil, it provides your plants with yummy nutrients and improves the soil's moisture retention. That's pretty cool for the worms, so they'll turn up in your garden too!

Garden Mix (our biggest seller). You can use our famous Living Earth Garden Mix to grow everything! A specially developed blend, with Living Earth Compost included, this mix can be used to fill raised beds, planters or used to top up the garden. And best of all it is weed-free! When you add a layer of our exclusive BLACKGOLD Mulch over the top, this is the perfect garden!

Veggie Mix (organic certified for chemical free growing). You asked for it and Living Earth delivered it - this mix is nice and natural, 100% weed-free, so all your vegetables will taste nice and natural too! An application of Living Earth organic certified Liquid Compost helps the vegetables along too. Use Veggie Mix in the same way as Garden Mix.

Ultra Lawn (grow a real lawn - faux is so 2014…….) Exclusive to Central Landscape, this special weed-free sandy brew contains other goodies that will get you feeling the grass between your toes! It's ideal for sowing a new lawn or patching up the old one. And even in February there's a great lawn to be had if you follow these rules: Water the lawn twice daily, morning and night, when the sun is off it. Don't stop when the lawn germinates - keep going for at least a month or until there's some regular rain. The Living Earth Techie Team tell us the biggest mistake people make is to 'slacken off' once the grass has germinated!

BLACKGOLD Mulch Sit back & relax! Central Landscape have developed another exclusive product that is so on trend! Water your soil, remove the weeds and spread BLACKGOLD Mulch around your plants. The mulch does the all work: the Living Earth Compost goes to work on the soil, while the naturally dyed wood chips smother any weeds and disperse rain or hose water evenly through the soil. Put your feet up and make a cup of tea! Gardening just got easy and your garden will look so pretty…….

NOTE: All the above Living Earth products we have in BULK (trailer and truck loads) and BAGS

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Some Natural Remedies for the Garden:

Lawn Care:

With the long hot dry summer in process we are now faced with the new problem of our lawn drying out. Historically the answer to this problem has been water and more water, however when the soil surface becomes water repellent or "hydrophobic" it requires more than just an irrigation system!!

There are a number of reasons why your lawn may become water repellent but it is not impossible to remedy using the latest in wetting agent technology.

AquaTurf Max G granules are one of the most effective tools in dealing with a wilting lawn. AquaTurf Max G is easy and safe to apply and can be used even in the hottest temperatures. This product will allow the water to penetrate and move down through the soil surface giving an even and deep wetting. AquaTurf Max G granules will then attract and retain moisture which will reduce the chance of the lawn re-drying.

AquaTurf Max G granules can be applied by hand as they are non-toxic, however because it is important to obtain even coverage applying with a hand spreader is recommended.

AquaTurf Max G is available in a 4kg pack from your local Central Landscape & Garden Supplies yard.

Ask for the NEW Prolawn Lawn Guide at any of our yards for more information.

Garden Thought of the Month:

"A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches entire trust." Gertrude Jekyll

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