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Garden Tips July 2015

The vegetable and fruit gardens:

Cooking kale or Cavalo Nero

These members of the brassica family are currently the darlings of the modern food movement as they're packed with Vitamins K, A, C and manganese that can, apparently, help lower cholesterol and risk-lowering benefits to cancer. Trim the green leaves from the hard stem and, in the case of Cavalo Nero, blanch for a few minutes in boiling water, then squeeze out moisture. Both are delightful if quickly stir-fried in a wok of sizzling garlic, then seasoned with salt and pepper. Or add to your morning omelette. Bon Appetit!

Time to Share

Share an oversupply of lemons, orange and mandarins at your workplace or local school. Bunches of herbs and greens are particularly welcome and the 'foodies' are bound to grab any spare kaffir lime leaves or bay leaves!

The Pruning Season

It's time to begin pruning. The key plants in the ornamental garden are roses, hydrangeas and deciduous shrubs such as cotinus and cercis. We do this to encourage strong new growth and to promote plenty of blooms. Digger favours a good 'haircut', but with shape to it, considering how the bush will look in summer. Clean out any inward-facing or weak growth. For assistance with first time pruning, go online or visit local rose gardens and botanic gardens to see what the experts achieve

In the Garden:

Moss Control - time to scrape back or spray moss on paths and lawns (avoid spray drift coming into contact with plants). Moss patches in garden beds should be lifted, to remove spores that can spread

Onion weed - these pesky spring flowering bulbs are coming through in the garden now, just like their more desirable cousins, onions and garlic. The best spent hour in the garden this month is digging them out by the bulb. (Very good for the psyche)!

Lawn Care: With the wet and cold of winter well and truly upon us you will notice the growth of your lawn slowing down. Although you have less growth it is still important that you care for your lawn. Fertilise with Prolawn Garden Supreme to ensure good plant health and root development. If your lawn is wet and soggy try to keep off it as much as possible so as to reduce wear and tear.
Prolawn Garden Supreme is available in all Central Landscape stores along with the Prolawn range of grass seed and fertilisers!

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REMINDER OF A GREAT PRODUCT IN STORE: When the lawns are as wet as they are now, we don't dare drive on them, sometimes not even walk on them. What's the solution? Have you checked out JAKMAT?
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Garden Thought of the Month:

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow." Audrey Hepburn

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