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Garden Tips October 2014

Planting Now

To Do in the Garden

Announcing the NEWEST Living Earth product EXCLUSIVE to Central Landscape & Garden Supplies:


A new generation product that gives you more, while you work less in the garden. Containing Living Earth's organic certified Compost mixed in with naturally dyed recycled untreated wood chip, this mulch feeds as it locks in water to the plant roots - and it keeps the weeds down. Why wouldn't you sit back and relax after applying BLACKGOLD Mulch?

PLUS….Buy BLACKGOLD Mulch in October and November and go in the draw to WIN a $2400.00 holiday for TWO at the Black Swan Boutique Hotel & Spa, Rotorua
See in-store or on our website for more details

Lawn Care:

Now is the perfect time for sowing new lawns and maintenance and restoration of existing lawns. Living Earth Ultra Lawn Mix in bulk and bags (exclusive to Central Landscape) is available at all of our yards. See our website or click on the following links for helpful information on lawn care:
How do I sow my new lawn?
How do I keep my lawn looking great?

Great NEW Grass Seed: Coastal Blend
Not only for coastal situations, but as the name suggests this blend is ideal for hot sandy sites.
Coastal Blend contains Fine Fescue and Kikuyu which complement each other perfectly. The Kikuyu gives you a tough heat and drought tolerant grass for those hot months while the Fine Fescue comes through to dominate over the cooler months ensuring a good lawn year round. Best sown in Spring/Summer.
Ask for the NEW Prolawn Lawn Guide at any of our yards for more information.

Garden Thought of the Month:

"You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming." Pablo Neruda

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