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Garden Tips September 2015

What to do in the garden in September: Gardeners in the upper North Island need to tread carefully (literally) when it comes to the damp soil from heavy rain

Water-logged soil is a real turnoff for new seedling plants, cuttings and divisions. Even new trees and shrubs will suffer if they've been sitting snugly in the garden centre, in their free-draining pots!
In water-logged soils avoid doing anything until the rain lessens and the temperatures stay constantly in the upper teens. If you need to, put down a row of boards or organic mulch to tread on, that can be repatriated later and work on the surrounding garden, without treading on it. Gently forking over soils that are more free-draining, adding compost as you go to reinvigorate the soil and replace nutrients that have washed through.
After planting, or even after you've simply turned the soil, layer with BLACKGOLD Mulch, which will, strange as it seems, help the soil. It acts like this: when the rain hits the bigger mulch pieces the water will run down the sides into the soil, allowing more even dispersal, rather than the water congregating in dips or at the low point of the garden bed.
You can scrape back the mulch for planting, then replace it and you have an excellent weed suppression cover. Extra compost in the mulch will gradually add more nutrients to the soil below. This product is exclusively available at CLS.

The vegetable and fruit gardens:

In the general garden:

Lawn Care: With the weather warming up and hopefully drying out you will want to turn your attention to your lawn. After a long winter even existing lawns need some TLC and the sooner you do this the better your lawn will look heading into summer and that all important BBQ season. if your lawn is looking tired, yellow, full of weeds or just a little thin then it's time for a spring renovation. If you looking at sowing a new lawn or re-doing an existing one, now is a great time to use SRL (self-repairing lawn) This new and innovative rye grass will provide you with a genuine low maintenance lawn option, with its fine dark leaf and 50% less mowing you will be the envy of the street. Check out the website or pop in and talk to your local Central yard for more information
1. Fertilise with Turfmaster Gold or Garden Supreme to encourage strong growth.
2. Spray weeds with broadsword selective weed killer to control broadleaf weeds.
3. About 3-4 weeks later scarify the lawn heavily to create a good seed bed.
4. Oversow bare or weak areas with the appropriate Prolawn seed and fertilise with Turfmaster Starter.

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Garden Thought of the Month:

"Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach him to fish, he eats for a lifetime. Teach him to garden and his whole neighbourhood gets tomatoes. And squash. And cucumbers. And…"

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