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Maintaining a good lawn: how do I keep my lawn looking great?

To keep a top quality lawn all season you need to manage weeds, fertility, mowing frequency and height of cut. Here is a maintenance programme with some helpful hints.


During the spring / early summer growth period mowing frequency and height of cut is very important.


Watering and Dry Patch
Deep, less frequent, watering will not only assist in maintaining a beautiful green lawn but will also reduce invasion from shallow rooting grass weeds. Watering alone is often not sufficient to maintain moisture in the soil, particularly where thatch exists and on sandy soils. Even with regular watering dry areas known as dry patch, can exist, presenting problems for re-wetting. An early application (before hot conditions set in) of GTi Aquaturf G wetting agent granules will prevent the problem occurring. It also works to recover areas that have already dried out.

Insect Pests
Pests such as grass grub and argentine stem weevil can damage you lawn very quickly.


Carry out one of these two


Winter is a time for little maintenance apart from mowing and insect control.

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