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The December Vege Garden

Leek Planting Tips - Digger prefers the newspaper wrapped seedlings from Awapuni Nurseries. It is best to drop leek seedlings into deep holes around 20cm deep and let the soil gradually fill in the hole by itself. By planting so deeply you are blanching the leeks (creating the white part). Old gardeners tip: cut off half the green foliage straight after planting.

Watering is best done daily, or minimum three times a week at the roots of your vegetable plants. Adding straw or other organic mulches around edibles reduces the amount of water required - good practice if you have limited water over summer.

Herby heaven - imagine a table at Christmas groaning with the weight of smart salads packed with lots of herbs - that's perfect because basil, coriander, mint and dill are fast-growers and need constant harvesting!

Potatoes - Continue to hill up the ones that are mid-season ripening, but look out for the yellowing tips of the early season spuds - you might get a feed in time for Christmas Dinner!

Get your bug-life in balance - there's a lot of leaf-sucking and munching going on, so control whitefly, aphids, scale and mites with the all-organic Aquaticus Bugtrol

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