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Reharvest Cushionfall

Available at the following locations:

Cushionfall can be ordered through any Central Landscape yard.

Playground mulch: why Cushionfall® is the optimum playground surface

Playground safety is the most important factor when you're choosing a playground surface. That's why Cushionfall® playground mulch ticks all the boxes. It is:

· Safe: Cushionfall® playground mulch is specially treated so it's free from nails and splinters. Many cheaper or imported products aren't nail-free or splinter-free

· Long-lasting: tests have proven that Cushionfall® playground mulch actually becomes more effective over time. After 5 years it will be in better condition than ever!

· Quick-draining : the children can start playing as soon as it stops raining.

· Wind-proof: Cushionfall® playground wood chips are shaped in such a way so that they're not disturbed or blown around by the wind.

· Clean : children don't get dirty when playing on a Cushionfall® surface.

· Wheelchair-friendly: Cushionfall® playground mulch lets everyone have fun together.

· Colourful: available in 8 non-toxic, UV-resistant colours, Cushionfall® playground mulch makes playtime fun!

How safe is Cushionfall® playground mulch?

Cushionfall ® is New Zealand's only 5-star rated playground surface:

Proven performance:
Cushionfall ® has been the market-leading playground mulch since its launch in 1996. A big reason for its strong performance is the extensive 2 year product development and testing programme it underwent prior to launch.

Rigorous playground testing:
It took 3 years of testing in 5 playgrounds by 3 different Councils for Cushionfall ® to earn the Councils' approval.

Superior in international impact tests:
As well as meeting New Zealand and Australasian standards specific to playground safety (AS/NZS 4422:1996 and NZS 5828:2004), Cushionfall ® also performs exceptionally well in international impact tests. These include the UK and European standards BS7188 and EN1177 and the United States ASTM F129 standard. Some of these international tests are more rigorous than the NZ testing authorities.

Ongoing quality testing:
Safety is vital when it comes to playground surfacing. That's why we've been undertaking continual product testing: that's more than 50 tests in the last 10 years alone!

The preferred safety surface:
Councils, the Ministry of Education, Kindergarten Associations, Play Centre Associations and Preschool Centres prefer Cushionfall ® to other playground wood chips.

Why are playground wood chips a better choice than playground matting?

Choosing wood chips for playgrounds is a great choice in playground safety for 4 reasons:

1. Shock absorption: United States Testing Laboratories found that Cushionfall® playground wood chips absorb shock better than rubber mats 3.75 inches thick.

2. Durable: the same laboratory found that Cushionfall® playground wood chips are 25% more shock absorbent after five years of use.

3. Even Temperature: Reharvest Cushionfall ® does not change temperature in hot or cold weather unlike synthetic surfaces can.

4. Eco-friendly: playground wood chips are more environmentally-friendly than playground matting. Whereas playground matting is generally manufactured from rubber, Cushionfall® playground wood chips are manufactured right here in New Zealand by recycling waste timber.

No other playground surface available in New Zealand comes close to Cushionfall ® playground mulch.

Don't take the risk with poorly-produced playground wood chips or playground bark that can cause splinters, contain stones or sharp wood: choose Cushionfall® , the proven product with a long-standing history of performance and innovation.

Order Cushionfall through any of the Central Landscape yards.