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Jak Mat

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JakMat is a high strength ground stabilisation mat, that provides you with an eco friendly, permeable and cost effective alternative to traditional concrete paving systems. Reinforcing aggregate or grassed surfaces, JakMat allows you to combine a pleasant aesthetic with the functional requirements of utility areas. The JakMat laying process is simple to follow & very quick. Once laid JakMat reduces ongoing maintenance, retains material in place and provides a strong matrix which spreads loads from vehicular, pedestrian or animal traffic evenly across its surface. All mats are produced here in New Zealand from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic.

Why JakMat is a better alternative to traditional concrete pavers:

The Ground Stabilisation Mat for Car Park & Utility Area Construction

JakMat's honeycomb cell structure:

Extremely strong interlocking system creates broad matrix

Wall to wall interlocking system Allows weight of constant vehicle movement to spread across the whole surface The impact of main pressure points is therefore causing less damage to the ground beneath the mat

Twin wall base with drainage holes & voids

Cupped cell structure

Tough lugs on base of the mat

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