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Prolawn BROADSWORD selective broadleaf weed killer

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Prolawn Broadsword controls broadleaf weeds in lawns without harming grasses. Weeds controlled include catsear, chamomiles, chickweed, clover, daisies, dandelion, docks, Onehunga weed, prickles and thisles.

Mix 65ml with 5 litres of clean water and spray evenly over 50 square metres of lawn. For new lawns (less than 6 months old) use 50ml per 5 litres. Apply in spring or autumn when weeds are growing more vigorously. Do not apply after prolonged periods of dry weather. Do not apply if raining or rain is expected on the day of spraying.

After spraying, keep people and animals off the lawn until the spray has dried. For best results do not mow the lawn for 7 days after spraying. Broadsword works slowly so effects may not be seen for up to 4 weeks.

Apply 50 - 65ml/50sqm. Available in a 1 litre pack.