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Reharvest Enviromulch Black Woodchip

Available at the following locations:

This premium quality landscape Mulch is made from 100% recycled timber. Readily available in the three most popular natural colours, Red, Brown and Black.

Being made fully from recycled wood Reharvest Mulch decomposes much more slowly than traditional Bark Mulches. The rich uniform colours last for more than two years and requires less re-mulching and produces more colourful landscaping. Oxide colourants are non toxic and totally safe for plants and animals.
The perfect medium for the discerning landscaper who chooses to use ground cover colour to enhance / contrast his selection and arrangement of plantings.

Why use decorative coloured mulches?

The benefits of these coloured wood chips are:

1. They look good!

When appearances matter, the best mulch is one that looks good and provides aesthetic appeal. With 4 colours to choose from, you'll be able to find the best mulch for your needs.

You can use the landscape mulch to either enhance or contrast the plants in the mulched area: this can provide a very attractive effect.

2. Plant growth is assisted

The landscape mulch is made from 100% recycled wood that's air-dried. This process closes down the cells in the timber, which reduces its ability to hold water and thereby slows down the decomposition rate.

This reduces the nitrogen demand from the soil, allowing the plants to absorb more of the fertiliser. So the plants are better-fed, and able to grow healthily.

3. Weed growth is inhibited

The landscape mulch is graded to an average length of 50mm, which makes it difficult for weeds to grow.

What's more, unlike bark chippings, this landscape mulch is made from recycled wood, so it's free from seeds and plant matter. The garden mulch you can get from arborists can actually introduce weeds - but with the decorative garden mulches you don't have that worry.

4. Less need to water plants in dry weather

The decorative garden mulches shield the soil from the sun, so the soil's surface is kept cool and allows water retention. Consequently you won't need to spend as much time watering those areas covered by the landscape mulch.

5. Stays in place

Isn't it annoying when your landscape mulch starts "moving"? This can be a real problem, especially on sloping sections.

With the decorative coloured mulches you don't have that worry: it's a light product which mats together. This allows heavy rain to disperse through and under the mulch later, helping the landscape mulch to hold onto even the steepest of banks.

What colours is the landscape mulch available in?

The landscape mulch is available in 4 different colours:

· Black mulch

· Red mulch

· Brown mulch

· Natural-colour mulch

Is the colouring safe?

Yes, the coloured landscape mulch is totally safe. The colours are created with oxide colourants, which are non-toxic and therefore safe to humans, animals and plants alike.

The rich, uniform colour lasts for more than 2 years... after that, you could re-mulch in the same colour, or try a new colour, the choice is yours! The mulch itself will be in optimal condition for more than 5 years; it is just the colour that fades, not the performance of the landscape mulch.

The decorative coloured mulches are made in New Zealand by Reharvest from recycled products. There are strict quality assurance processes in place so you can be sure you're getting the best mulch possible.

Did you know that decorative coloured mulches are environmentally-friendly?

Not only is the decorative coloured mulch manufactured from 100% post-industrial waste, there's no chance of plant diseases being transmitted, or seeds from noxious plants being transferred to your landscape.

This can happen all too easily with bark chippings and arborist mulches.