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PROLAWN SRL Self Repairing Lawn

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What Self Repairing Lawn (SRL) does:
*Starts to self repair by spreading 6-7 months after germination.
*It grows in a dense thick sward.
*With 50% less top growth than other family lawns, you do less mowing.
*SRL forms a tight lush lawn that looks good between mows.
*Will even self repair golf swing divots

Self Repairing Growing Tips:
*Because it creeps don't sow more than 2kg per 100 square metres.
*Allow a couple of weeks longer than a standard lawn to get full cover from sowing.
*Does not creep like kikuyu or couch into garden beds and paths.
*Prepare and sow as per instructions on box.

We all enjoy the look and feel of a well grown lawn. They have a magnetism for kids who instinctively run around on them, adults lay about relaxing on them and they are a big part of our family lifestyles. But with this traffic comes damage and deterioration. The bare patches that show up from football, bikes, pets and garden parties are simply, best avoided. All they are is cost and effort disguised as an unsightly exposed bit of soil.

Self Repairing Lawn (SRL) is a new innovative family lawn seed that does exactly as its name suggests. Its success is its ability to grow and spread sideways through damaged lawn and over bare patches, repairing as it grows. Normal rye grass lawns never repair. In fact the bare patches attract weed seed and we all know what happens next.

Because Self Repairing Lawn (SRL) spends its time growing sideways rather than tall and shaggy it requires less mowing, about half the mowing of some family rye and fescue lawns. And with its short tight growth habit the lawn keeps its good looks between mows. Combine these labour savings with its beautiful fine texture, great colour and you are growing the ultimate family lawn.