Garden tips by month

We dig gardens – here’s some advice about planting your garden, sowing and fertilising lawns and layering mulch, to really bring your garden back to life: Planting your garden Did you know that autumn is Nature’s best planting time? That is because the soil is still warm and is less...

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The end of winter is in sight and it's time to plant potatoes and sow tomato, capsicum and zucchini seeds indoors. Prune hydrangeas, plant hedges and borders and clear areas with planted bulbs to help them grow. Read more

July is the time to plant and prune. New shrubs and fruit trees can go in the ground, roses can be pruned and deciduous trees can be cut and shaped. Read more

Winter has come - protect fragile young citrus, tamarillo and passionfruit by making frost shelters. Brighten up your winter outdoors by planting rainbow stemmed chards, daphne, azaleas and hellebores and stake up broad beans Read more

It's starting to cool down so now is the time to make sure your outdoors is ready for winter - mulch and compost gardens and trees and insulate your worm farms. Read more

Sow broad beans and cut back globe artichokes. It's also an ideal month to dig compost into your vege gardens and sow lawns. Plus don't forget to add colour into your winter garden and start planting spring bulbs! Read more

It's the start of winter vegetable growing: plant out cabbage, Chinese cabbage, broccoli, tatsoi, and spring onion seedlings Read more

It's getting hot so make sure your garden and fruit trees are getting enough water. Now is also the time to start preparing your autumn garden, plant beets, carrots and parsnips and manage those pesky caterpillars! Read more

In summer many plants suffer dehydration and it inhibits their ability to grow and produce crops. This doesn't mean you need to irrigate twice daily, but when you water it needs to be deep and meaningful. Read more

It's the festive season and a great time to get out in the garden with the family. Spuds are ready, plant leeks and pretty up the outdoors with some potted colour - plus protect those berries from the birds! Read more