March Garden Tips

March Garden Tips

In the Veggie Patch

  • Give citrus a side dressing of sheep pellets or citrus fertiliser
  • It's the start of winter vegetable growing: plant out cabbage, Chinese cabbage, broccoli, tatsoi, and spring onion seedlings
  • Winter flowers for the vegetable patch that can be sown now: calendulas and Iceland poppies
  • Plant out a crop of spinach as it grows better when it is not so hot.


  • De-thatch your lawn if necessary and over-sow thin areas of the lawn with the appropriate seed, and our recommended fertiliser, ProLawn Turfmaster Starter.

The rest of the Garden

  • Fertilise the garden with ProLawn Garden Supreme
  • Continue to deadhead roses, but avoid cutting them back hard
  • Plant out autumn-toned shrubs and flowers to complement the autumn colour ahead: orange flowered day-lilies and bright foliage shrubs such as heucheras and NZ coprosmas
  • Prune hedges and topiaries and fertilise.