May Garden Tips

May Garden Tips
It's starting to cool down so now is the time to make sure your outdoors is ready for winter - mulch and compost gardens and trees and insulate your worm farms.

Plant winter vegetables such as brassicas, beetroot and silverbeet, plus rake leaves off your lawn.

In the Veggie Patch

  • Worms can be sensitive to cold - Rugs and old blankets are great for insulating worm farms
  • Green crops such as lupins should be cut off at knee height -trim them into lengths of 15cm. Leave on top of, or cover with soil to break down
  • Plant raspberries, currants and rhubarb crowns plus, get some colourful crops going such as mixed Swiss chard
  • It's not too late to plant brassicas - cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli, as well as beetroot and spring onions.

The Rest of the Garden

  • Remove spent foliage of perennials and layer compost around them and other plants in the garden
  • Leave blooms on roses and hydrangeas, they should not be pruned until July and August
  • Plant out winter flowering annuals such as cyclamen, polyanthus, stock and primulas. Polyanthus love a dressing of dried blood once or twice over winter
  • Autumn colour is a beautiful thing on exotic trees. In warmer climates oaks, maples and liquidambars offer best colours
  • Add a layer of mulch - it's like a 'blanket' for your garden and helps your soil retain warmth.


Rake up leaves off the lawn - if they lie there, they intensify the moisture on the lawn and promote disease
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