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Lawnganics VITALISE

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Lawnganics Vitalise is part of a new generation approach to enhance natural soil and plant health without the intervention of chemicals. In fact beneficials in the products aim to restore the degradation created by overuse of chemicals and help the plant to adapt to changing environments such as drought.

Vitalise helps with stress recovery and encourages plant growth.

It is a liquid organic fertiliser to increase nutrient availability in soil and leaves.

Vitalise contains kelp, humic, folvic, amino acids and sugars which work together to boost soil biology and stimulate plant growth.

It is formulated with VM3 organics.

Good to use in all lawn and garden situations.

Easy to apply through home spray equipment.

For Lawns:
Apply 200-400ml in 1.5 - 5L water per 100m2.

For Gardens:
100ml per 10L water.

Available in 1L and 5L bottles.


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