Prolawn Tournament Blend Plus

Prolawn Tournament Blend Plus offers a solution to a garden that has high bird populations. Bird repellent coating has been added to Tournament,our most popular seed blend. Seeding rates remain the same as this product does not add extra weight nor does it slow down germination – new generation coatings have been introduced, making this a high performance product, while detering pesky birds. Tournament blend grass seed is the best for all-round lawn appearance, easy maintenance and durability. It is a blend of premium dark green, fine turf grasses - Chewings fescue, Creeping Red Fescue and Rye.

Drought and shade tolerant, tolerant of children and pet activity Sowing rate 1kg = 20sqm. Available in, 5kg and 1kg packs.
How to video.
How much do I need? The area is metres wide, metres long and metres deep.
= 72m3
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