A dry growing season - what to do if your plants aren't thriving

A dry growing season - what to do if your plants aren't thriving

In the spring/summer season we’ve begun experiencing, the heat and the drying winds tend to be challenging for all soil, particularly garden mixes, especially if the latter contain a lot of bark fines. They are formulated to drain easily, as they tend to be used to fill containers and raised beds, but lack of rain coupled with hot wind dries the mixes out, inhibiting plant growth and potentially locking up nutrients that are normally available to plants.

But help is at hand! Here is our summer ‘rescue’ programme:

Going into summer we would recommend digging some compost through the mix, to add some organic matter, and nutrients. Compost can also help retain moisture.


Then get some Blood and Bone -  applied at the prescribed rate through the mix, it is a gentle but good source of nitrogen at this time of the year.

Because it’s a warm season, before you plant water the garden area thoroughly and plant when the heat of the day has gone.

Pea straw

Spread a bag of pea straw or mulch around vegetables and other plants as this helps to conserve water in the mix. For raised vegetable areas, hose daily if permitted, or else use the ‘bucket in the shower’ trick to soak the pots and raised beds

To encourage good growth of the plants we would recommend you liquid fertilise with our organic fertiliser, Aquaticus Organic Booster. Do it weekly for a few weeks, to get things growing, then drop to fortnightly.

Aquaticus Organic Booster

With regular watering (if there’s no rain) this 'rescue' programme should quickly provide you with productive vegetables/ flowers etc. Happy Gardening 2021

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