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Get your garden sorted for Christmas with Central Landscape Supplies. Our tips for December include pruning advice, how to pollinate Aubergine plants and what to do in the garden before you head away on holiday.

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Get your garden ready for the warm summer days ahead with our tips on mulching, lawn care and moth control. Read more

We spent the morning with the amazing team from Second Nature, as they mulched and rejuvenated this stunning inner-city garden. Read more

The fruit and vegetable garden   Planting edible flowers with vegetables is a no-brainer - salads become more interesting, the vegetable bed looks pretty and the bees arrive! Flowers to eat include nasturtiums, carnations, daylilies, rose petals and violas. All the summer vegetables can go in at Labour Weekend –...

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What's the difference between GAP, WAP and SAP metal? What do these terms actually mean? How do you use the different types of aggregate? Get all the answers in our latest blog! Read more

Spring is here! Here's what to do in the garden this September. Read more

We talk to Landscape Designer Val Puxty about her recent work, working collaboratively with her clients, tips for winter gardening and the value good landscaping brings to a property. Read more

Our gardening tips for August - including how to recondition your garden beds, what to plant and what to prune this winter. Read more

Here's a beautiful way to green up a bare wall or provide privacy without building a fence. Read more

Our garden tips for July include citrus tree care, tips on tree planting, pruning and what to grow over winter. Read more