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Installing a simple field drain beneath lawn areas can help eliminate excess water on your property and minimise those boggy patches. Here's some step by step instructions for laying a simple field drain. For more complex drainage jobs - we recommend getting in a professional landscaper or drainage specialist. Read more

Enter the Centrals 'We Dig Dogs' Competition and be in to win a pack of Kaimata Dog Treats and a $ 150 Centrals Voucher. Just take a photo of your pooch in your garden and post to our Facebook page! Read more

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Here are five top reasons why you need to apply compost to your garden! Read more

By Heather Tait – Central Landscapes Planting Expert Mention that your garden has clay soil and you’ll experience either sympathetic groans for those who have the same, or smug smiles from gardeners with loamy or volcanic soil. Clay is maligned for many reasons: its minuscule particles can form a hard,...

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Thirty years selling and delivering a wide variety of landscaping products has gone quickly for Daniel, who left school at fifteen to work in his father’s Penrose yard - the original Central Landscapes site. Daniel, often known as Digger Dan to tradies and customers, worked in several of the Central sites before moving to Swanson in 2003 and becoming the owner in 2005. Read more

Paul Jobin - The Kauri Chef - creates an easy dish for vegetables from the garden. Our thanks to Paul for reminding us that homegrown spring onions and carrots pop with flavour when roasted. Click here for his Facebook link as he is posting lots of great ‘lockdown’ recipes: Tahini...

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Time to trim hedges and evergreen shrubs Shaping plants is best done now. Exposed foliage doesn’t burn because the sun is not so hot and the emerging growth gets to ‘harden up’ before winter hits. Plus, it gives a crisp look to gardens. Start some new plants Plants such as...

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We dig gardens – here’s some advice about planting your garden, sowing and fertilising lawns and layering mulch, to really bring your garden back to life: Planting your garden Did you know that autumn is Nature’s best planting time? That is because the soil is still warm and is less...

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The end of winter is in sight and it's time to plant potatoes and sow tomato, capsicum and zucchini seeds indoors. Prune hydrangeas, plant hedges and borders and clear areas with planted bulbs to help them grow. Read more