Free Loan Trailers

Unfortunately our loan trailers are not available in Level 3. We will review this in Level 2 trading conditions.

All Central Landscapes yards have FREE loan trailers that you can borrow to transport your landscaping supplies back to your place.

Level 2 protocols: To keep our customers safe, we are disinfecting our trailers between use. Please respect the fact that there may be delays caused by this practice. We also ask that you follow all instructions from our team members when you pick up or drop off our trailers

How much will a trailer hold?

Our standard loan trailers generally carry 1 cubic metre of topsoil, soil mixes, firewood and mulches. For heavier products such as decorative pebbles and stones, GAP and drainage metals our trailers will be loaded to 0.5 cubic metres.


Our trailers are loaned out on a 'first come, first served' basis.

How long may I have the trailer for?

Most yards will lend the trailer out for one hour, although that may be negotiable.

Do I need to cover my load?

Yes loads that are of loose material and/or those that protrude above the trailer sides must be covered. Central Landscapes have trailer covers for sale.

Returning the trailer

Our trailers are lent out in clean condition, so that your load is not mixed with other products that may have been carried in it. We ask that you return the trailer in that same condition.