All Central Landscapes yards offer a delivery service to your house or, if you're a landscape contractor, to your site. Our small trucks will fit down most driveways and our bigger trucks will manage larger volumes onto accessible sites.

How much will a trailer hold?

Deliveries are generally for a minimum of 1 cubic metre of product. Our smaller trucks usually carry a maximum of 2.5 cubic metres and larger trucks can handle bigger volumes. Once you've calculated what is required, check in with your nearest yard for the best means of delivery.

Booking my delivery for a specific day and time

Just tell us where and when you need it and we'll be there.

Half and half loads

Yes we can generally drop off two different products at the same time.

Driver Competency

Our drivers are fully trained and certified to drive our vehicles. Many drivers have been part of the Central Landscapes family for a long time - two of our drivers have been with us for more than 20 years each!

Delivery Charges

Most of our yards charge about $60 for truck deliveries within their local catchment areas. However, it pays to check, because factors like traffic flow in certain areas, distance, if you're beyond their territory, can make it a bit more expensive.