April Garden Tips

April Garden Tips
Sow broad beans and cut back globe artichokes. It's also an ideal month to dig compost into your vege gardens and sow lawns.

Plus don't forget to add colour into your winter garden and start planting spring bulbs!

In the Veggie Patch

  • Seasoned vegetable gardeners like to have their broad beans sown by ANZAC Day.
  • Save seeds of heirloom tomatoes by rubbing tomato flesh through a sieve. Allow the seeds collected to dry, then package in a paper bag or envelope and store in a cool dry area.
  • Cut back globe artichokes and divide plants if necessary.
  • Dig compost through finished vegetable beds to condition soil.


  • Autumn is Nature's time for sowing lawns.
  • Our range of seed blends from Prolawn, will give you the best lawn strike for your soil and situation.

The rest of the Garden

  • Garden pretties: Sow cornflower, dianthus, nigella seeds and sweet peas.
  • Plant a hedge of sasanqua camellias - these early - flowering varieties avoid the petal blight of late season ones.
  • Planting time for all - ideal soil temperatures to dig in and get plants big and small into the ground. Use Living Earth Compost in the planting hole and water around the plants. Finally mulch with Reharvest Enviromulch and your plants are ready to grow!
  • Spring flowering bulbs: tulips, narcissi and hyacinths in pots and garden beds. Place pots in semi-shaded areas until the bulbs shoot.
  • The Prolawn range of lawn fertilisers will help you start a new lawn or fertilise your existing grass and we've got a handy lawn spreader to help you distribute seeds and lawn food evenly.