August Garden Tips

August Garden Tips
The end of winter is in sight and it's time to plant potatoes and sow tomato, capsicum and zucchini seeds indoors. Prune hydrangeas, plant hedges and borders and clear areas with planted bulbs to help them grow.

In the Veggie Patch

  • Plant sprouted seed potatoes by digging a trench and cover lightly with soil. Every few weeks 'hill' up the soil as plants grow
  • Sow tomato, capsicum and zucchini seeds indoors or under cover
  • Lift mint and give the roots a trim, then replant.
  • Mint increases its root size very quickly in proportion to its foliage growth
  • Rosemary varieties can make a great hedge or border and its blue flowers brighten the winter vegetable garden.

The rest of the Garden

  • Prune hydrangeas and apply lime around the bush to encourage pink flowers, or Aluminium Sulphate for blue. If you are planting white flowered types avoid full sun - they look best in dappled shade
  • Late August is a great time to plant hedges and perennial borders for the summer garden. Mulch after planting
  • Clear areas in the garden where bulbs and deciduous plants are poking through the soil again - exposes them to the sun to encourage growth.


  • A gentle but effective early fertiliser for lawns is Garden Supreme
  • Avoid mowing very wet lawns until they have dried out a little.