Backyard Bubble Activities for the kids

Backyard Bubble Activities for the kids

Looking for some outdoor activities you can do with the kids during lockdown? Here's some next-level ideas to keep them happy and active while we get through Level 4.

Make a Sundial

Did you know that in the Southern Hemisphere - a sundial’s shadow moves anti-clockwise?

We love this variation on the sundial theme by Kidspot - just chalk a compass on a driveway or footpath and stand in the middle!


(Photo courtesy of Kidspot)

Here's another easy-to-make paper plate sundial:

Bottle Bowling 

Reuse those plastic milk or drink bottles as bowling pins and play a game of backyard bottle bowling! Fill the bottles with sand or water to give them weight. Adding some food colouring to the water will make them stand out more. Use a soccer ball as your bowling ball and set the pins up on your driveway or a flat section of lawn.

Backyard Treasure Hunt

Pretend your backyard is a desert island with hidden treasure. You can get your older kids to design a treasure map for younger siblings or create one yourself, complete with kid-friendly cryptic clues. You could even bury a small ‘treasure box’ somewhere in the garden. Don’t forget - X marks the spot!

Treasure map

Make and Play Quoits 

Quoits is an ancient game that’s just perfect for the backyard. You can build the ‘pin’ from any bits of wood you have lying about. Cut short lengths of rope and superglue the ends together to make your hoops. 

Quoits game

For more information about the games and its rules:

Check out these serious Quoit players!

Rock Art

Rock pets are back! Explore your backyard to find interesting rocks, or maybe you can find some on your daily exercise walk. Use whatever household paints you have to decorate them. You can attach old buttons as eyes using hot glue or PVA. 

Paper Plane Competition

The challenge: build the best paper plane you can and see who can fly their’s the furthest. If you need some inspiration, check out The Paper Airplane Guy on YouTube - there's even one that flies like a bat! ( Fast forward to 1'30" to see the world distance record for a paper plane being set - very impressive!)

 If you need inspiration or help with designs, Kidspot have some great information.

Build a Hut

Build an outdoor hut, den or tree fort using whatever materials you have. Large cardboard boxes make great huts! Old bedsheets are great for instant walls or you could even set up your tent in the yard.

 Minecraft Garden Design

 If its a rainy day - why not create landscape designs using Minecraft? Minecraft isn’t just for kids, its a great tool for mapping out spaces and seeing what works.

Bubble Fun

What would a lockdown be without bubbles? Ok, save the champers for the Level 3 announcement - here's a recipe for DIY bubble mix from the BBC no less!

Bubble blowing

Good ol' Gardening

If all else fails - you can always get them to help you in the garden - kids love digging holes!