Central's Tips April 2019

Central's Tips April 2019
We dig gardens – here’s some advice about planting your garden, sowing and fertilising lawns and layering mulch, to really bring your garden back to life:

Planting your garden

Did you know that autumn is Nature’s best planting time? That is because the soil is still warm and is less dry and the temperatures are great for getting plants used to their environment ahead of winter. Here’s our short video on choosing the right mixes and soil for the purpose.

Sowing a lawn

Use our top-selling Tournament Blend seed and apply onto a layer of Living Earth Ultra Lawn Mix. Fertilising existing lawns should be done now using our Prolawn Turfmaster Gold, which is what the professionals feed their lawns with.


Mulching keeps the roots of plants warm, and limits weed growth. It’s perfect to apply after the rain we had earlier in April. A layer of 50mm of Reharvest black Enviromulch is perfect. For tips on how to prepare the area and apply the mulch watch our video.