Central's Tips - April 2021

Central's Tips - April 2021

 April is all about soil replenishment and nourishment ahead of winter vegetable gardening. Around ANZAC Day sow some broad beans.

The soil is warm and there’s moisture making it one of the best times to plant. Sowing lawns is easier now there’s some rain, and fertilise existing lawns.


In the Edible Garden

Replenish the soil after summer crops have been removed. For bulk, add Garden Mix or dig in compost, add extra nutrients with sheep pellets or Organic Boost, a granular fertiliser.

Not planning a lot of vegetable gardening over winter? Sow a green cover crop such as lupins or mustard seed in the empty space. After a few months of growth cut it down and leave it on the soil to break down - adding valuable nitrogen.

Winter herbs that make a difference to soups and stews can be planted now: thyme, winter savoury, bay trees, rosemary and plenty of parsley.

Hardy brassicas can go in now: broccoli, cabbage and bok choy plus grow carrots, beetroot and silver beet.

Broad beans

Broad beans are an easy crop to grow through winter – they will grow quite tall and require some staking. Traditionally older New Zealand gardeners liked to get them sown around ANZAC Day.

Celery is one crop than can be picked by the stalk through winter – it gives winter comfort dishes some extra flavour.

 tree planting

The rest of the Garden

Nature’s planting time – the soil is still warm and there’s moisture in it, so it’s the ideal time to plant shrubs and trees.

Fork organic compost around the garden and through raised beds to condition soil lightly fertilise trees and shrubs.


Plant spring flowering bulbs in the ground or in pots; potted bulbs can be left in a shadier spot with an occasional water, then brought round to shine after they’ve come though the soil.

Sow poppy and sweet pea seeds – get them in now for great spring flower displays.

Sowing lawns: the temperature of the soil is optimum around now, use Turfmaster Starter fertiliser when you apply seed and water regularly.

Turfmaster Gold

Fertilising existing lawns allows them to build resilience ahead of winter. Apply Turfmaster Gold to your lawn and water in.

Project for April

diy concreting

Get concreting while autumn offers up warm, dry weather. Lay a path or driveway, construct the base for a shed or cement posts ready for a fencing project. We recommend 6 x 40kg bags of cement to 1m3 of Builder’s Mix.


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