Central's Tips April 2022

Central's Tips April 2022

Give the garden a good clean-up and apply fertiliser around shrubs. Nature’s best planting time, so get into the garden with shrubs, trees and perennials. Sow lawn seed and plant spring flowering bulbs.

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Central's Tips April 22

Take out the spent summer vegetables and dig in compost. Plant lettuces and brassicas and sow peas and broad beans. Harvest pumpkins and store for winter.

In the veggie patch

  • Directly sow broad beans and peas, ensuring there’s room for them to climb.

  • Plant out seedlings of silver beet, cauliflower and hardy lettuce such as Cos and Iceberg.

  • Cut back globe artichokes to fresh growth at the base of the plant. They can also be divided now.

  • Remove cucumber, tomato or zucchini plants that are no longer producing and dig compost through the soil where they’ve been to add back organic matter before the next crops go in.

  • Apply Morganics, an organic certified granular fertiliser, across the vegetable beds ahead of rain.

  • Watch for seedlings of herbs such as dill, parsley and coriander and rocket that can provide you free crops over winter. Liquid feed the young seedlings.

  • Harvest pumpkins and store in a dry area for use in winter soups, roasts and salads.

The rest of the garden

Garden flowers for an early spring display. Sow cornflower, dianthus, nigella seeds and sweet peas.

Plant a hedge of sasanqua camellias – these early- flowering varieties avoid the petal blight that turns late season flowers brown.

Garden clean-up, weed garden beds and pick up any diseased leaves. To encourage strong growth ahead of winter, apply our Prolawn All-Purpose Garden and Lawn fertiliser.

• Planting time for all – ideal soil temperatures to get plants big and small into the ground. Use compost or Garden Mix and mulch well. If the soil is dry, water well around the roots.

Plant tulips, narcissi and hyacinths in pots for some spring colour. Place in semi-shaded areas until the bulbs shoot, then they can be moved into more light.

Sow lawns. There’s a grass seed blend for all Auckland soil types and this is the season to get a great lawn at your place.

Remove dead foliage of perennials such as dahlias and daisies, and give tired lavender bushes a prune. Cut and dry hydrangeas with beautiful autumn colour that will last indoors.

Project for April


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