February Garden Tips

February Garden Tips
It's getting hot so make sure your garden and fruit trees are getting enough water. Now is also the time to start preparing your autumn garden, plant beets, carrots and parsnips and manage those pesky caterpillars!

In the Veggie Patch

  • Look for holes in the foliage of tomato plants - green looper caterpillars breed very quickly in the heat. Use an organic spray or Derris Dust to prevent them ruining your tomatoes
  • Get ready for autumn vegetables - directly sow beetroot, carrots and parsnip now
  • Keep the water on your fruit trees - from citrus to apples, pears and plums, they need plenty of moisture. Same for the fruit developing on feijoas, passionfruit and tamarillos
  • Turn the compost heap and keep it moist - dry compost doesn't break down well.

The rest of the Garden

Cutting back the tired foliage of flowering shrubs such as hebes, lavenders and daisies encourages fresh new growth. A liquid feed and they're away again
But solid evergreen growth on hedges and topiaries should be left - hot sun can burn the exposed foliage.


Spend a few relaxing hours on your lawn with a fork, trowel or daisy grubber, digging out entrenched weeds - an organic means of lawn weed control.