Rejuvenate your Garden Beds with Mulch

Rejuvenate your Garden Beds with Mulch

A fresh layer of mulch can work wonders to rejuvenate tired looking garden beds. Adding mulch is more than just for looks though—mulch helps the underlying soil retain it's moisture, which allows plants to thrive, even in our current hot dry conditions.

At Central Landscapes, we carry an impressive range of mulch, including natural Forest Floor Bark, stunning Black Decorative Mulch, aged Arborist Mulch and peastraw for raised garden beds. 

Cracked soil?

Got cracks showing in your garden? Add a layer of compost to help recondition the soil. A layer of mulch on top of the compost will further protect the underlying soil and help retain moisture and improve soil biology.

 Reach out to one of our experienced team members at your local Central Landscapes yard for advice on the best type of mulch or bark product for your garden.