Top 10 Gardening Tips for Summer

Top 10 Gardening Tips for Summer

Summer is here and it could be hot, dry, windy or wet!   Get your garden ready with our summer tips.

Summer Gardening Tip #1

Vegetable and fruiting plants enjoy a dose of liquid fertiliser during their production season. Aquaticus organic Garden Booster is our fav.

 car washing

Summer Gardening Tip #2

Water saving tip – washing the car, boat, golf clubs? Tip the bucket of soapy water around pots and the garden to keep the plants happy.

Summer Gardening Tip #3

More water saving – hose early in the morning or in the evening for best water absorption by plants.

Summer Gardening Tip #4

Use an organic pesticide such as Bugtrol to control whitefly and aphids on ripening vegetables. Spray early in the day before bees are active.

  lettuce plants

Summer Gardening Tip #5

Beans are good producers during the summer season – pick them regularly and hose over the flowers as well as at the roots, to promote bean development.

 Ripe tomato plants

Summer Gardening Tip #6

Stake vine type vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumber and courgettes to ensure exposure to the sun for maximum production.

 Black mulch

Summer Gardening Tip #7

Mulch newly planted trees, clematis, and shrubs to help them get through their first summer with a cool root run.

 repotting a hanging garden pot

Summer Gardening Tip #8

Hanging baskets should always look their best – if some flowers have died off, then cut them back or replant new colour to get through the season. Water regularly and give them a boost with liquid fertiliser.

 Pebble garden

Summer Gardening Tip #9

Convert difficult, dry spaces by planting drought hardy plants and layering river pebbles or decoratively hued pebbles amongst them.

Summer Gardening Tip #10

Cut back spent lavenders and daisies to encourage another flowering by early autumn. Summer prune wisteria and rambling roses to avoid having to deal with tangled thickets in the middle of winter.