Exploring The Living Earth Narrative

Exploring The Living Earth Narrative

Our amazing Living Earth Garden Mix – 25 years of growing gardens while recycling over 2 million tonnes of organic waste

Aucklanders will know our Living Earth Garden Mix as a top-performing growing mix, 100% weed-free and full of nutrients to get your garden growing. But it’s also important to know that it ticks some of Auckland’s most important environmental goals. 

Living Earth Garden Mix is the only garden mix that is made right here in Auckland, on beautiful Puketutu Island in Mangere. Environmentally this is a huge benefit to our city, forming a ‘closed loop’ in the collection, processing and repurposing of garden waste which then assists the performance of Auckland gardens.

The composting site, which is geographically close to many of Central Landscapes’ yards, recycles up to 40,000 tonnes of green material annually, which would otherwise be filling up landfill. By turning it into rich dark compost it can be used as a soil conditioner or blended to make Garden Mix, Ultra Lawn Mix and the organic certified Veggie Mix. 

Every day Central Landscape Supplies is sending out Living Earth products in truckloads, trailer-loads or simply loading bags into car-boots.We’re proud to be offering products that reduce waste and benefit our soils, made right here in Auckland.

The Living Earth story is arguably one of New Zealand’s best when it comes to sustainability.

How does all this happen? For the Living Earth story, watch our video below: