Lifestyle block – Seating Area

Lifestyle block – Seating Area


On a newly developed site, the owners wanted to create an elevated seating area, so they could sit and enjoy a view across the valley.

Landscape concept by DIY Design

 A concept plan from Kerry Speirs of DIYdesigns made the most of a messy, weedy area by incorporating corten steel and rocks as signature elements in this developing garden.

Travers Hart from Mangawhai based landscaper Landscape the Moon built the garden, placing rocks strategically to create the circle and to allow for extra seating (perching) as required.

To transition from the hard surface of the courtyard, Kerry used concrete sleepers surrounded by gravel, with the gravel continuing to the corten-wrapped steps and circular area beyond.

A small digger moulded the elevated area, and GAP 20 was laid to stabilise the surface ready for the gravel. The sleepers were boxed and poured on-site.

Deck Concrete BoxingCorten and Gossamer Grass

Corten steel from Straightcurve Garden Edging was used for the curved steps, and Travers framed them with rocks, so they appear merged.

 Landscape path

Rocks and gravel landscaping

Planting includes NZ gossamer grass, which tones beautifully with the rusted look, and a mounding coprosma (Hawera) which will eventually soften the rocks and gravel.

Coprosma Hawera and RockThrough Gossamer Grass

A serpentine hedge at the rear  (Stephens Island pittosporum) offers privacy. The owners plan to add the corten wall seen in the plan later, as the budget allows. All plants were thickly mulched for good establishment.

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