The Heart Foundation's Urban Orchard with Ripe Deli

The Heart Foundation's Urban Orchard with Ripe Deli

The The Heart Foundation's beautiful 'Urban Orchard' entrance garden and cafe with Ripe Deli opened in August 2023 following a transformational landscaping project at their Ellerslie, Auckland site thanks to support from a number of trusts and foundations.


Brief: Entrance garden and cafe space for The Heart Foundation with Ripe Deli

Landscape Design: Richard Neville at Neville Design Studio

Landscape Construction & Planting: Feature Landscapes

Landscape Supplier: Central Landscape Supplies

Key Products: Nutra Soil, White Chip, Bark Fines, Premium Compost, Timber Sleepers

Photographer: Carme Aguayo


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With an 'Urban Orchard' landscape design concept from Richard at Neville Design Studio carried out to perfection by Feature Landscapes, the results are striking.

Featuring a bright white limestone chip courtyard surrounded by an array of delicious edibles planted in premium compost and topped with bark fines as mulch, a stunning glass house dining room lies at the heart of this design.

Inside the sparkling glasshouse dining room at The Heart Foundation & Ripe Deli's 'Urban Orchard' site in Ellerslie, Auckland.


By Landscape Designer Richard Neville at Neville Design Studio

The Landscape Design Narrative

The narrative for the Urban Orchard starts at the meeting place of the NZ Heart Foundation and Ripe Deli.

Platforms for healthy hearts, healthy food and healthy lives.

What better way to celebrate these two entities than a space that celebrates life itself?

Urban Orchard is a space that operates at the intersection of people and nature.

An edible garden that illustrates a healthy relationship with each other, with food and with Papatūānuku.

It provides life and food for people, bees, birds and all living organisms. A retreat from the concrete sprawl and endless impermeable surfaces.

A place for the Heart Foundation to celebrate friends & whānau, peace of mind, community, possibility, life and love.

A space that celebrates well-being and life.



By Feature Landscapes

The team from Feature Landscapes consult site plans from Richard Neville at Neville Design Studio.

"Over the course of 6-7 weeks, Feature Landscapes built out our outdoor cafe area working hand in hand with our chosen Landscape Designer, Richard at Neville Design Studio." - The Heart Foundation & Ripe Deli

Large timber sleepers form the foundations, pathways and garden edges of the landscape transformation at The Heart Foundation's outdoor site at the corner of Kalmia & Sultan Streets in Ellerslie, Auckland, NZ. 

Site foreman Chester surveys progress at the 'Urban Orchard' garden and cafe space for The Heart Foundation with Ripe Deli.


Planting Design by Neville Design Studio 

Planting installation by Feature Landscapes 

The team from Feature Landscapes hard at work on the entrance garden and Ripe Deli cafe site at The Heart Foundation.

"We really enjoyed working with all the crew members, they were extremely polite, friendly and walked us through the whole process to keep us updated." - The Heart Foundation & Ripe Deli

"Feature Landscapes went the extra mile on a number of occasions, and we couldn't be happier with the outcome." - The Heart FoundationRipe Deli

A mature olive tree was craned into position by Feature Landscapes at The Heart Foundation's 'Urban Orchard' entrance garden and cafe site with Ripe Deli.



By The Heart FoundationRipe Deli, Neville Design Studio and Feature Landscapes

On completion of this exceptional landscaping project The Heart Foundation and Ripe Deli said: "We're very proud of the work that was completed by the team at Feature Landscapes."

"We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Feature Landscapes to anyone, they know the business inside out, and we felt in great hands the whole time." - The Heart Foundation & Ripe Deli