A Whitford Wonder by Onsite Landscapes

A Whitford Wonder by Onsite Landscapes

Onsite Landscapes specialise in rural lifestyle block, commercial and new-build landscape design. Based in Pukekohe - they work across Auckland and the Waikato. We spoke to Sean Polwart about a striking lifestyle property project they recently completed in Whitford.

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Landscape Design: Gary de Beer

Landscape Construction: Onsite Landscapes

Key products: Mangatangi Gold Pebbles, Landscape BouldersMacrocarpa SleepersPremium Waikato Topsoil, Paving Stones.

Sean Polwart, Onsite Landscapes.

Sean Polwart - Onsite Landscapes

Tell us about this project - what was the brief?

The aim of this project was to create a blend of modern architecture with a natural landscape that drew out the features of the house into the garden.

The clients are keen gardeners and wanted an immersed feel that offered colour & texture all year round, with easy access to all parts of the property.

The Whitford Wonder front garden

Large Landscape Boulders combined with small Mangatangi Gold Pebbles feature throughout the design.

The house and garden blend seamlessly - how did you achieve this look?

The existing property already had a series of keystone retaining walls, so we used boulders & soil fill to soften & blend the terraced walls into a more connected garden.

Flat stone paths complement the house design.

Flat stone paths complement the schist cladding.

We intentionally used flatstone & boulders throughout the landscape to complement the schist stone cladding of the house.

Raised garden beds with macrocarpa sleepers

Beautiful raised garden beds made from macrocarpa sleepers.

One of your guiding principles is ‘good design is driven by function’. How did you apply that ethos to this garden design?

One of our client's main objectives was to have full access to usable spaces in all areas of the property, so having functional & user-friendly footpaths & creating level areas for raised planters & utilities was a must.

Mangatangi Gold Pebbles and Concrete Pavers

Mangatangi Gold Pebbles make a fine match with wide concrete pavers.

Tell us about your choice of landscaping materials and how they influenced the design?

We wanted to showcase some modern features for the road frontage so the use of in-situ concrete & astro turf helped to create the Miami/Hollywood style driveway which blended in well with the natural materials like the Bombay flatstone, Mangatangi pebble, macrocarpa sleepers & corten steel planters.

The driveway featuring astro-turf and existing concrete

The concrete and astro-turf driveway. 

Large landscape rocks

Large landscape rocks are dotted throughout the landscape.

Were there any challenges - tricky site access etc?

With limited access to the back section, The biggest challenge was the 1st stage of work which was the shaping & boulder placement! This proved very tricky using a small machine & very large boulders!

How did Onsite Landscaping come together?

After growing up on building sites and working at Farrell's Nurseries, studying landscape design was a natural choice.

Fulltime study went on hold while I followed an exciting rugby career with the Blues, Chiefs and Māori All Blacks, but horticulture papers on the side kept feeding my interest.

I’ve taken the skills and values of the rugby field to make Onsite Landscapes something special.

The Onsite Landscapes Team

The team from Onsite Landscapes.

How important is your team?

My team is hugely important to me. Our work is only as good as our team—they give each project everything they’ve got, constantly improving and growing their skills.

We’re very fortunate to have award-winning landscape architect Gary de Beer designing exclusively for Onsite Landscapes. He’s involved throughout the process, from design to site shaping, earthworks and plant choice.

Key products used in this project:

Mangatangi Gold Pebbles:

Mangatangi Gold Decorative Pebbles

Macrocarpa Sleepers:

Macrocarpa Sleepers

Concrete Pavers:

Concrete Pavers

Landscape Rock:

Landscape Rocks

Premium Waikato Topsoil:

Waikato Topsoil

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