Guide to Planting Trees

Guide to Planting Trees
Before planting, water the potting mix thoroughly or immerse in a bucket of water until thoroughly saturated.

Prepare the soil well, digging in lots of compost. Aim for a generous volume of crumbly, freshly dug, humus enriched soil around the tree roots. Dig a hole at least as twice as wide and one and a half times the depth of the size of the plant's container. Back fill to the depth of the container, firming down gently.

Fertiliser is an optional extra but will generally give faster, healthier results. Exact quantities depend on what you are planting and the state of your soil. Slow release fertiliser is best.

If the plant has been in its container too long, the roots may be tightly packed and spiraling around in the shape of the pot ("root-bound"). If so, gently loosen and lightly prune the roots, removing damaged parts with a clean cut.

Generally the tree should be positioned in its hole at the same level as it was in its pot. (Grafted plants like roses or citrus trees need to be placed so that the graft is above the soil.)

Position stakes before backfilling with soil. This saves the roots from being damaged by driving stakes in later. Staking is important for young trees as wind movement prevents roots from becoming established properly. Space two or three stakes evenly around the tree. Tie with flexible ties.

Firm the soil around the root ball gently with your hand or foot as you go.

Water thoroughly to make sure the soil is snugly in contact with the roots.

Finish with layer of organic mulch, keeping it clear of the trunk.

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