Jakmat Geocell

JakMat is a NZ success story. Developed in conjunction with DoC to provide safe stable pathways in our national parks, this high strength ground stabilisation mat has become legend in the landscape sector. Made from recycled plastic to a high quality it provides an eco friendly, permeable and cost effective alternative to traditional concrete paving. Great for driveways paths JakMat converts muddy, messy areas to a pleasant aesthetic with the functional requirements of utility areas. The JakMat laying process is simple to follow & very quick. Once laid JakMat reduces ongoing maintenance, retains material in place and provides a strong matrix which spreads loads from vehicular, pedestrian or animal traffic evenly across its surface.
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How To Video

How to install Jakmat

Jakmat is a cost-effective alternative to traditional concrete paving. Its also eco-friendly and easy to install. This video shows you how to use Jakmat in your own projects.