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Masonry Mortar

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  • Mortar mix designed for the trade
  • Contains scientifically graded and processed sand fractions and Portland cement, combined with a high-tech blend of admixtures, uniformly blended and tuned to produce a highly workable mix
  • Available in 30kg bags


  • Easy to use
  • Just add water
  • Can be coloured using Cemix oxides
  • Premixed coloured versions are available on request
  • Conforms to the strength requirements of NZS 4210:2001 Masonry Construction: Materials and Workmanship of 12.5MPa after 28 days

Suitable for:

  • Brick and block mortar jointing
  • Stone and Schist walls
  • Minor paving bedding


  • One 30kg bag will produce enough material to lay 45 clay bricks and 24 concrete blocks
  • Given the variety of brick and block sizes available it is advisable to first contact us for more detailed advice
Available at these locations:


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