Pavetight Sand

  • Specially graded and kiln dried sand for the filling of paver joints
  • Contains a sand binding polymer
  • Available in 20kg bags


  • Reduces windblown sand removal
  • Excellent for sloped driveways
  • Helps resist weeds and insects
  • Ensures 'lock up' of paving, providing load transfer across a wider surface area, which reduces load stress breakages of pavers and minimises sub base failure
  • Ensures separation of paver units, maximising the long term look and performance by reducing spawling (chipping)
  • Easy to install - Sweep in / Compact / Repeat / Wet to set
  • Conforms to NZS3116: 2002 Concrete Segmental & Flagstone Paving

Suitable for:

  • Paving joints in domestic paving
  • Paving joints in commercial and municipal paving
  • Not for use for wide joint widths, common in larger flagstone paver units


  • Will vary dependant on paver size and joint width
  • For 200mm x 100mm x 50mm pavers, one 20kg bag will cover approximately 6m2
  • For 230mm x 190mm x 50mm pavers, one 20kg bag will cover approximately 10m2
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