Central's Tips June 2022

Central's Tips June 2022


 Central's Tips June 22

The fruit and vegetable garden

Lift strawberry runners and trim away from the parent plant – these can be planted in fresh Garden Mix to produce delicious strawberries in the summer season. Spread sheep pellets around the new plants.

Rocket winter salad
Rocket and parsley easy food staples to grow now – they don’t mind cooler temperatures, and both add flavour and nutrition to winter cooking.

Stake or build supports around broad bean crops as they grow, because single plants can reach 1.5 – 1.7m high.

Frost coming to the garden? Make shelters for young citrus, tamarillo plants and passionfruit vines. Frost cloth from the local garden centre is also a cheap and easy option, as is newspaper if you’re caught short one evening.

Lift and trim the roots of mint plants, replanting with compost. Mint roots tend to take over garden beds and limit the growth of other plants and herbs. Mint can be planted in an open-ended pot buried in the soil, away from other desirables.

Cover worm farms for the winter as worms are sensitive to cold. Old carpet, blankets etc can add that extra layer of warmth.

Time to clean out summer crops in the glasshouse and replace the soil.
The rest of the Garden
Camellias are a wonderful winter shrub, producing flowers with shades from white and soft pink though to deep rose and red. Sasanqua varieties make excellent hedges are the type that flower now, earlier than other varieties.

Frost cover for exposed plants: renga renga lilies, coastal astelias, citrus trees and subtropicals.

Small but rewarding: the dwarf Kowhai ‘Dragon’s Gold’ flowers now. It’s easily clipped as a shrub, hedge or topiary and it adds colour in winter. Similarly, the pacific Metrosideros ‘Tahiti’ is a shrub to 1.5m and its red flowers are spectacular.


Showy winter red shades include red stemmed dogwoods and the coral bark maple. Early flowering Magnolia ‘Vulcan’ is a stunner and Camellia ‘Takanini’ has a long flowering period. At ground level plum coloured hellebore flowers and Azalea ‘Ward’s Ruby’ are stunning.

In Auckland it’s not too late to plant any winter bulbs such as tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths. Our warm climate means the soil is only just beginning to cool down now. If growing them in pots, plant in Garden Mix.

Rake fallen leaves off the lawn. Leaving them kills off grass creating muddy areas.

Project for June

Deal to the mud!


Get rid of muddy driveways and paths before winter really hits. Using our NZ made Jakmat, create a beautiful pebbled area around the house. NZ made Jakmat is strong and durable and provides the perfect solution for parking the boat or campervan.

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