January Garden Tips

January Garden Tips
In summer many plants suffer dehydration and it inhibits their ability to grow and produce crops. This doesn't mean you need to irrigate twice daily, but when you water it needs to be deep and meaningful.

In the Veggie Patch

  • Plant 'soft' seedlings in parts of the garden that aren't in full sun. This applies to lettuces particularly. Many soft-leaved plants such as rhubarb and lettuce do revive once the sun has moved on
  • Potted vegetables dry out more quickly than those in the garden: train yourself to save the buckets of 'grey water' from mopping the floor or washing the car and pour them into your pots. It's amazing how often they get watered once you get into the habit
  • Beans and zucchini need regular water and frequent picking to continue production over the season
  • No eggplants forming? Their insipid little flowers don't always grab the bees, try hand pollinating.

The rest of the Garden

  • Roses: If you're planning a late summer wedding, modern roses should be cut back 8-10 weeks beforehand. Deep watering and a layer of mulch is helpful to encourage growth and flowers
  • Summer prune wisterias and once flowering rambling roses
  • Water up under leaves of rhododendrons, viburnums and citrus plants to dislodge thrips that cause unsightly silver leaves in March. Alternatively spray with an appropriate pesticide.


Set the blades on your mower high through summer, cutting low can stress the lawn.