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Nature’s Planting Time

With more time at home these days, take the opportunity to get new plants established. Late autumn is a great time for this because shrubs and trees have time to settle into their surroundings before winter hits in earnest. Read our Central's Tips for May 22.

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Give the garden a good clean-up and apply fertiliser around shrubs. Nature’s best planting time, so get into the garden with shrubs, trees and perennials. Sow lawn seed and plant spring flowering bulbs. Read more

Time to sow a green cover crop in garden beds that you’re not using over winter; sow or plant seedlings of brassicas – cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli and put in some silverbeet. Put straw under pumpkins and melons. Trim hedges and get on top of weeds and pests. Read more

The vegetable garden is in full swing, harvest frequently to keep plants producing, water morning and evening evening and keep an eye out for insect damage. Harvest the summer berries and thin out developing autumn fruit to ensure a better quality crop. Read more

The summer garden is in full swing, make sure you harvest fast growing vegetables regularly to keep plants producing. Watering in the cooler morning and evening hours is important now, and don’t forget to leave some water out for the birds.

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Complete the crossword below! When you're done - print or screen grab it (click on menu bottom right and select print), then email it to us at info@centrallandscapes.co.nz and you're in the draw to win a pack of Prolawn Aquaturf! (3 packs to be won). Entries close Tuesday 18 January...

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Feed autumn fruiting plants, cover the berry crops with bird netting, plant sunflowers and pot up herbs as Christmas presents.

Do a weed clean up before Christmas, perfect time to mulch the garden, take care of potted plants if you’re going on holiday.

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Garden paths have become a key landscape feature on their own, where formerly they were often just a means getting from A to B. A beautiful path enhances the design look of the landscape. Read more

Check out our spring gardening tips for November 2021. Read more

Get ready for some serious summer gardening with our handy tips for October! Read more